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Our story began in 1967. Back then we were producing and custom formulating the efficacious composition of Zinc Chloride in a small manufacturing unit in Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta, West Bengal. With the aim to diversify and grow, Pinkto Chemicals then moved on to establish itself as an MSME and added two more specialty products - Mercuric Chloride and Zinc Dust and another manufacturing facility based out of Ganjam, Odisha.

A family run small scale industry, Pinkto Chemicals derived its name from the word "Pink" which stands for the highest form or degree of something, indicating prime quality, exemplary conduct, conscience and ethos. It symbolizes sterling health and a state of bliss. "To" signifies togetherness, direction, a proposition; suggesting forward movement with oneness, hope and meritorious accomplishments.

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28 (Old Holding no 455), BT Road, P.O. Sukchar, 24 Pgns(N)  Kolkata  West Bengal  India  +918045477863
Phone :+918045477863